Dean Sweeney

Best known for the Buckaroo Ball and Hoof ‘n’ Holler, Dean wrangles the details for large events and small to get the job done, no matter how difficult. He is an effective consultant and entertaining speaker who believes that success speaks for itself. In his free time, Dean volunteers for numerous non-profits in the Willamette Valley. With his cowboy boots and western wit, Dean Sweeney doesn’t go home until the cows are all out in the pasture.

Our values

Our motto: Per aspera ad astra
We manage difficulty because we want to reach success. Through challenges to the stars.

Business Philosophy:
Inspired by the words of the great Chief Joseph, this is the philosophy that guides Sweeney Promotions:

“Our fathers gave us many laws, which they had learned from their fathers. These laws were good. They told us to treat all people as they treated us; so that we should never be the first to break a bargain; that it was a disgrace to tell a lie; that we should speak only the truth. . .

“We were taught to believe that the Great Spirit sees and hears everything, and that he never forgets, that hereafter he will give every man a spirit home according to his deserts. . .This I believe, and all my people believe the same.”

~ Chief Joseph, 1840-1904, Niimíipuu (Nez Perce)

Commitment to the community
Together, Dean and Nancy have helped raise over $1 million for non-profit causes.

Dean has served as founder of the Boys & Girls Club’s Civil War Auction and Athletic Committee Chair. He’s been president of the North Salem Youth Football Assoc., Adaptive Riding Institute, led youth coach training clinics, and has spent 30 years as a volunteer coach in three sports. Nancy has served on the March of Dimes Board, Boys & Girls Club, and the North Salem Football Foundation, and still serves as a volunteer on the ASPIRE program.

“You measure a man by his deeds, not his word” ~ Paul Sweeney

Local companies believe in us because we do great work and earn their trust. Organizations like Les Schwab, Capital Auto Group, and Dairy Mart have worked with us for over a decade. We focus on the complete experience from parking to details, to give every guest a memorable experience.

4-H business partner of the year

OSU Austin Family Business of the Year Award

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